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Community Wireless is a work in progress.

Please check back regularly for updates and all the latest news.

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"Right back at the start of the 21st century, mobile voice telecommunications had just reached the mass market..Investing heavly in new technologies, the phone companies had to increase prices. Consumers, rejecting these price increases wondered why they had to pay more.... some people started wondering why you should pay at all.... "

-- North London Nodes (nodecon 2002) - key speaker

It's Oh So Quiet....

Appearances can be deceiving. Sorry for the lack of updates recently folks… but we haven’t been lazing around. With our friends at we have made some very interesting advances, including helping to develop an entire fleet of REAL units that can do exactly what we dream; Stream Audio and Video to hand held units; Form self-regulating ‘Mesh’ networks, even provide totally mobile content in a wearable server!

Check out the fleet at … but don’t forget to check back, there’s something REALLY interesting coming soon ;)

Welcome to Community Wireless :: The Internet Re-born

What is Community Wireless?

In short, it's a global dream... and it's out there. Happening. Right now.

Using 'off the shelf' and license-free Wireless LAN technology (802.11) various groups and individuals are embracing bandwidth and content, and sharing it with their community.

But it's not restricted to Internet access, just think of the possibilities;
  • Neighbourhood Groups and Local high-speed P2P Networking
  • Neighbourhood Watch/Surveillance using X10 devices
  • Community game servers
  • Connectivity to Rural/remote sites, previously limited by cables.
  • High speed Video Conferencing
  • High speed Mobile content
  • Localised 'Open Access' TV and Radio stations (streaming audio/video)
The list goes on! It may seem like hot air, but it is very real.

It’s the Organic Internet. The Internet re-born. The Internet the way it should be;

  • Free from the restrictions of ‘Corporate’ thinking, and Revenue strategies.
  • Free from ‘profit over performance’.
  • Run by the users, for the users.

And all it takes, is like-minded individuals and groups to open up their Network and spare bandwidth, to anyone and everyone.

Why Dial-up when you can Wi-Fi?
"Millions of people now carry laptops equipped for wireless Internet access over 802.11b (aka Wi-Fi) networks. But outside of home and office, there's been no place to connect. Most wireless networks are private, and investors are wary of funding Wi-Fi setups in public places." [Read Article]

"This market is exploding," said Joltage CEO Michael Chaplo, a 20-year AT&T veteran. "In five years, most public space will be wired for Wi-Fi." ... [Read More...]

Published Apr 05, 2002 - 11:45 PM

BBC investigate the problems with 'BroadBand Britain'
"This year is supposed to be the year of Broadband Britain. But getting hooked up to a fast internet connection is not as easy as it seems, as BBC News Online's Jane Wakefield reports."... [Read BBC article]

[Read more...]

Published Apr 05, 2002 - 11:03 PM

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